Nicholas Tietz-Sokolsky
Runner. Coffee nerd. Software engineer.

Privacy Policy

I use Google Analytics on this site ( It’s a piece of code which records data about my visitors and allows me to understand in broad strokes more detail about my audience.

I also use MailChimp for my mailing list.

This privacy policy may change in the future, with or without notice.

What does Google Analytics store?

They keep track of at least the following:

What does MailChimp store?

They keep track of at least the following:

How do I use this data?

This Google Analytics data lets me understand what kinds of people are visiting my site, and especially what content they are interested in. This allows me to create better content and ensure that I am reaching the audience I want to reach. Basically, it drives the decision making behind my work.

In the future, I may release aggregate statistics about my audience, but no personally identifying data will be released.

I am bound by and follow the Google Analytics Terms of Service and the MailChimp Terms of Service.

Opting Out

You can use Google’s own browser plugin to opt out of Google Analytics tracking. You can opt out of Google’s advertising tracking cookies.