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This was my first time going to PyOhio, and it was a blast. There will be some videos being posted soon, so I will opt to link to those as they come in, but first, here are some of the highlights:

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Growing Teams and Baking Bread

One of the keys in baking bread is getting the dough to rise well. As the yeast does its work, it ferments some of the sugars in the dough into alcohol and carbon dioxide, resulting in a growing, bubbly mass of dough.

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Functional Programming and Big Data

Update: I wrote this while preparing a talk for the Columbus Functional Programmers meetup. You can find the talk on YouTube. It has more humor than these words, but then you’d have to listen to my voice.

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Security of the Infinity Ergodox on Mac OS

A friend of mine is very into keyboards and, after seeing his keyboards at work and admiring his Ergodox many times, I took the plunge and built my own. 152 solder joints later, I have this beauty:

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Consider Part-Time Work

It has long been predicted that with more automation and more technology, we could all work less and have more leisure time, but we continue to fall short of that promise. In many ways, we’re working harder and longer, with more stress, than previous generations did. I think that a large part of that is because of societal pressures to work long hours, even when doing so doesn’t make sense.

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