Nicholas Tietz-Sokolsky
Runner. Coffee nerd. Software engineer.


Born and raised in the Midwest, I embody the stereotype that Midwesterners are gritty people. More than anything, I like to dig deep and solve difficult problems. Why do something easy when you can do something that matters?

Most days, you can find me writing code, but I also run, take photos, obsess over coffee, and make tons of offal puns.

Currently, I run a small consulting company and am CTO of DACA Time where our mission is to make immigration processes less confusing, less painful, and less expensive.

I used to do software and data engineering at a Columbus startup. I used to work at a Silicon Valley graph-computing startup doing systems work and algorithm development, essentially functioning as a sales engineer. I interned at Explorys doing software and data engineering.

I am a proud alumn of Kent State University, where I received my Bachelor of Science in both Mathematics and Computer Science.